May. 7 |  Pre-Orders FAQ

Hey guys
So in the interest of trying to get this wrapped up as quickly and as fairly to everyone as possible, we put together a FAQ to answer the most common questions we’ve been getting. If you still have a question or concern, please feel free to call us at (213) 742-8837 or email us at Please keep in mind though, we are and will be swamped with calls and emails, so if you can read the following first, that’d be incredible. Once again, thank you so much for your support and patience. You guys have been an endless stream of love and inspiration through all of this. Thank you.


Q: Why do I not have my record yet? I totally want it.
A: Simple – Victory Records has refused to send us any of Streetlight’s new album. Without that – we can not send out pre-orders. Classy move. Read on for more information about your order.

Q: I wanted to hear the Toh Kay record. The music video – before Victory took it down – was beautiful and so was the song. My gosh. What happened?
A: Victory had given Streetlight a choice: either completely kill the Toh Kay record (their absurd reasoning was that its sale would “cannibalize” Streetlight sales, ha!) or hand it over to them so they can release it and exclusively profit from it. Streetlight has experienced and documented years of Victory not paying royalties while continuously profiting from their music, so it was a no-brainer. We had to cancel the record, no matter how much we all loved it and how hard the guys worked on it. That music video, by the way, is also “illegal”. So if you saw it – your eyes are criminals.

Q: It’s been a while since I ordered my bundle – and I need to change my address. How do i do that?
A: No problem. Send an email with the subject being “Address change” to – and in the email just put the new address you’d like your order to go to.

Q: I ordered a bundle that was supposed to have the Toh Kay record in it. Since it was cancelled by Victory – what is going to happen to my order?
A: We will ship the rest of the bundle and refund you the value of the record in the bundle (OR, you can choose option two, below). When coming up with the bundle prices, $5 of the price was allotted to the Toh Kay album. So we’ll be refunding you $5 and sending out the rest of your bundle. If we don’t receive the Streetlight CDs from Victory soon, we will also refund you for that missing cd.

So, instead of requesting a refund, we ask that you consider the following: We will send you everything in your order, minus the Toh Kay album (naturally) and (unless we receive our shipment of Streetlight CDs very soon) the SM CD. In the next few months, when the dust settles and all this melodrama is over with, we will send you… something extra. We haven’t quite figured out this consolation prize just yet, but we’re thinking along the lines of a super limited edition, signed screen printed piece of artwork by Tomas or something. It’ll be a rarity and something you can put on your wall to say “I helped a band I love fight an evil record label.” All this standing up for themselves and fighting the good fight has cost Streetlight thousands in lawyer and legal fees. Unfortunately for all of us, Victory’s legal team is partially funded by Streetlight’s own music (it’s ridiculous really), so selling merch via the oline store and at shows is the only way Streetlight can afford to fight the bastards.

IMPORTANT: Please choose whether you want your money refunded or if you want the special consolation gift/donation option by going here:

Q: What about my vinyl order?
A: Unfortunately – we can’t legally press any Toh Kay vinyl now, and with Victory not selling us any SM items – there’s no way we’re going to be able to fulfill the vinyl orders. Those will be cancelled and refunded. Sorry. Sucks.

Q: I want my money back. This is stupid.
A: Ok. That’s fine. Send an email to with your full name / your paypal account name and order number. We appreciate your order in the first place and understand your frustration. This is our job and we have to deal with this every waking moment of the day – we’re beyond frustration – we can actually smell colors at this point. Everything smells awful.

Q: Why is this even happening? Is there a reason bad things happen to good people?
A: That’s a great question. If you find out – can you let us know? Thanks.

Q: The Streetlight record leaked online – I already ordered it through you – how should I feel inside about downloading it?
A: We can’t tell you how or where to download it – but if you already paid for it, and it’s being withheld from you by the band’s own record label – well, take that how you will.

Q: Who is the nice gentleman who has answered all the calls / emails for the RISC Store – is he an angel, and if so – why do angels have lisps all the sudden?
A: My name is Dave and I appreciate everyones support and understanding with the hassle and headache this has been and, I’m sure, will continue to be.

Q: This whole situation makes me hate the music industry and I now understand why it – as a business entity – is failing across the board.
A: Yeah. I hear ya. I just downloaded Dredd 3D – wanna watch it with me?

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    If you’re reading this - you survived 2013.  To celebrate (and to clean out our inventory) we’re having a 40% off sale for the entire first week of 2014 - just use the discount code: NEWYEAR.  We’ve re-stocked a lot of designs in all sizes (and some more in XXL) and we’re letting you have it all for prices so low we’re certainly going to regret this.  We also have introduced the “Mystery Shirt” which is for the larger folks out there (XL/XXL) where you can get a random assortment of 3 shirts (some not even available on the store) for 12 dollars.  Yes - we’ve had a lot of sales recently - but this is by far the largest and longest.  This sale could beat up other sales.  But it wouldn’t because it’s nice.  So come enjoy our sale.  Or it’ll beat something up.  

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    Happy day-long-dinner-day to everyone and may it make your Friday the Blackest.  In honor of the dangerous hoards that decend upon stores nationwide tomorrow, we have done our duty to keep you safe and on the internet by making a Black Friday sale at the RISC Store.  For just 24 hours - all day tomorrow - use the discount code: BLACKFRIDAY2013 to receive %30 off everything in the store.  Stay indoors.  It’s safer there.


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    This is the last full week of The End of The Beginning Tour, folks.  Pittsburgh tonight, Buffalo tomorrow and then the final 3 shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey.  The Thursday show still has some tickets available if you are thinking about taking that last minute trip to watch a little bit of history and enjoy the merriment.  And to ease the pain of the tour train coming to a halt - Toh Kay will be playing two shows in December.  More specifically, December 8th in New York City and then the 12th in Los Angeles.  Tickets available on the Streetlight Manifesto web page.  Get your hankies ready, this is it.


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    With two weeks until “The End of The Beginning Tour” the Risc Store is having a pre-tour sale so that everyone looks extremely good in their new shirts and such before the band gets to their town. Until Friday at 11:59PM (Pacific Standard Time) everything on the store is %25 off - just use the discount code: PRETOUR. You all deserve this. Pat yourself on the back - go to the Risc Store and live a little.


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    Oh these new shirts?  Yeah - they’re all up at the RISC Store.  And that poster?  Yeah, it’s there as well.  I’ll just leave this here.