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Nov. 6 |  Once More Into The Fray Micro-Tour Wrap Up

We made it! Six huge shows! Six awesome nights in the Northeast US and Canada. 5 Sold out shows! Much good times had! Yelling in short bursts! Word words words! So we survived our little concert run of 2014 and we’d like to once again thank you all for coming out to rock with us. Each and every night was incredible and each and every night was a reminder of how lucky we are to be able to bring our music to all of you. We’re currently planning our 2015 and hopefully we can fulfill some of the requests you’ve made of us. There are now a lot of ins and a lot of outs when it comes to playing/touring but we’re hoping to deliver in quality what we cannot deliver in quantity. So, once more, THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH. For coming out, for singing, for dancing, for enjoying the concerts with us. We hope to see you all again, and soon!


It’s a slow news day, which could mean one of one things: time for a giant merch sale! For one week, starting right now, you can buy anything in our merch store for a whole damn third off. A WHOLE THIRD (ok, technically it’s .333333etc short of a third but we’re not nerds are we?*) 33%!

Head on over to, throw anything you want into your shopping cart and use the code “FALL2014″ at checkout. Easy peasy.

Also of note: many of the designs in the store are going the way of the dinosaur (i.e. will be appearing as mechanized versions of themselves in a Michael Bay movie) as soon as they are out of stock so now is the time to get them. Unless you only wear the most recent SM swag, you hipster you. Or, wait, hipsters love the vintage stuff, don’t they… I CAN’T KEEP UP WITH THIS CRAP.

Buy stuff if you want, support the band, or don’t, and indirectly support terrorism. Your choice. DON’T EFF IT UP.

*we are in fact nerds 8-(


Ladies and gentlemen, we are beyond excited to announce a series of shows, a mini-tour if you will, spanning the North American Northeast this very fall! These will be the only non-festival, full headline set shows for the entire year of 2014 so put that sandwich down and order your ticket now before you get grease on your keyboard. Most (if not all) of these shows will sell out so do it now, then you can get back to that hoagie. Supporting will be none other than Mr Dan Potthast and Mr Chris Murray. Tour art by Jake Wyatt. Rocking by us. Fist pumps and mosh pits by you. See you in a few weeks!

10/17 Boston, MA
10/18 Montreal, QC
10/19 Toronto, ON
10/24 Sayreville, NJ
10/25 NYC, NY
10/26 Silver Springs, MD

May. 16 |  Mystery Gift Revealed!

Hello there.
It was just over a year ago that our record “The Hands That Thieve” came out, and it was quite the nightmare for us. We won’t bore you all with the details of our battles against the record label we were unfortunately signed to, so here’s some actual news that will affect everyone that placed a pre-order through our webstore. As you remember the label in question refused to send us our own cd’s so that we could fulfill preorders and has since refused to pay any royalties from any of the money our music makes them. Members of the band have only seen the record at shows, when you guys bring them and ask us to sign them. But we’ll get to that at a later date. Today we are announcing that we will immediately begin shipping the “mystery gift” we promised those of you that ordered the cd a year ago.

We were determined to make sure those of you that supported us when we were down and struggling would get something as good as or even better than the cd you’d hoped would end up making a home in your cd collection. This is what we will be sending you: It’s a cardboard digipak cd case. Inside you will find a 24 page booklet, chock full of photographs and poems (10 poems, to be exact). Also in this cd case is a blank cd, with a lovely design printed on its front surface. You can use the blank cd to store your digital files, as a coaster, or even to burn your favorite songs. Any songs you want to put on it, you can put on it. You can put any amount of songs on it, as long as that amount will fit on a standard CD-R. You can burn 2 songs, 30 songs or even 10 songs, it’s up to you. You can find music to burn onto the cd on the internet, or even ask fellow fans of bands you like to share their favorite songs so you can burn them, as long as you do so legally, or whatever. Then when you’re done burning the cd (it takes a few minutes, but it’s really quite simple to do), you can put the cd on your shelf, in your car, wherever. There are no words on the cd (besides the poems), no bar codes, no logos, no mean-hearted little dogs, nothing. It’s just a blank cd that we’re providing for you, along with a booklet of poetry and photography. That said, this will be a limited edition item, obviously. Once we’re done sending them out to those of you that preordered the album and chose to wait to see what the mystery gift was, we will sell off however many we have left and that will be the end of that.

So! We’re going to be very busy for the next few weeks while we wade through our seemingly never-ending list of addresses and package and send off a couple thousand of these little guys. Please bear with us while we ship these out (remember we are a tiny outfit). We know you’ve been patient for the last year and we cannot stress enough how much we appreciate it. If you have any questions, shoot us an email at or call us at (213) 278-0283.

For those of you that might feel that we’ve left you a little too much in the dark regarding all of this; we can only apologize (and we do, wholeheartedly) and offer you this explanation: We’ve had an extremely difficult year and a half dealing with an awful, awful record label and their lawyers. We plan on telling the entire story eventually but we simply cannot now, while it’s still unfolding, for legal reasons.

Thanks again for your support and understanding. See you tomorrow, for more and potentially equally awesome news.

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    All of you non-East Coasters that kicked and screamed when we did October’s micro-tour will be happy that we set up a mini-tour just for you! 18 Show in 18 days, from Cleveland to Spokane! From May 14 to May 31! From La Jolla to Leo Carillo, and up to Pismo (sorry, we had to).

    Tickets go on sale Friday, so come back here for links. As always, we will tell you right now: MOST OF THESE SHOWS WILL SELL OUT, SO PLEASE BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY. Nowadays we tour when the stars align, so get it when it’s there to be gottened.

    We’re so incredibly pumped for these shows! Support will come in the form of Dan Potthast on all shows except for the first three, where Kevin Seconds will play in his place. Also, Sycamore Smith will be on the entire damn tour! Huzzah!

    Lovely poster art provided by the inimitable Zelda Devon (!

    See you guys at the shows!

    5/14 Cleveland, OH
    5/15 Pittsburgh, PA
    5/16 Detroit, MI
    5/17 Chicago, IL
    5/18 Lawrence, KS
    5/19 Denver, CO
    5/20 Salt Lake City, UT
    5/21 Las Vegas, NV
    5/22 Phoenix, AZ
    5/23 Los Angeles, CA
    5/24 San Diego, CA
    5/25 Anaheim, CA
    5/26 San Francisco, CA
    5/27 Portland, OR
    5/28 Seattle, WA
    5/29 Victoria, BC
    5/30 Vancouver, BC
    5/31 Spokane, WA

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    After spending way too much time holding a grudge against you for subjecting us to excessive coverage of your silly little royal wedding, we’ve decided to make a move to get back on speaking terms with you, our cutely-accented counterparts across the lake. This move is in no small part due to your introducing us to the incredible Charlie Brooker, and let’s not forget your gracious and self-sacrificial harboring of Madonna, fake accent and all. So we figure the score is 2-1, and we owe you one. We’d like to pay up in the form of a concert on your continent! Namely, we’ll be coming on by to play at your lovely and awesomely-named BOOMTOWN FESTIVAL! HURRAH!
    It’s been a long while since we’ve played anywhere in England, and we have no idea when we’ll be back, so how about you all meet us at BoomTown sometime around, oh, I don’t know, August 15, 2015? Sounds good? Good! Head on over to or or for more info and to buy tickets! IT’S TEA TIME, SON.

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    If you’re reading this - you survived 2013.  To celebrate (and to clean out our inventory) we’re having a 40% off sale for the entire first week of 2014 - just use the discount code: NEWYEAR.  We’ve re-stocked a lot of designs in all sizes (and some more in XXL) and we’re letting you have it all for prices so low we’re certainly going to regret this.  We also have introduced the “Mystery Shirt” which is for the larger folks out there (XL/XXL) where you can get a random assortment of 3 shirts (some not even available on the store) for 12 dollars.  Yes - we’ve had a lot of sales recently - but this is by far the largest and longest.  This sale could beat up other sales.  But it wouldn’t because it’s nice.  So come enjoy our sale.  Or it’ll beat something up.  

    (Sale runs from Jan 1st through Jan 7th)