Aug. 28 |  New Streetlight Manifesto, Toh Kay Albums

This is exciting.

We are proud to announce that the new Streetlight Manifesto album, “The Hands That Thieve” is now available for pre-order at the RISC Store ( It has been many years in the making and we are more than thrilled to present it to you. In addition to the new Streetlight Manifesto record you will see that there is also a new Toh Kay album, “The Hand That Thieves” now available for pre-order and also being released November 6th, via The Pentimento Music Co. For those of you that don’t know, Toh Kay is the stage name of Tomas, singer & songwriter of Streetlight Manifesto.

The new Toh Kay album is a companion piece to “The Hands That Thieve”; all the songs are performed by Toh Kay and his acoustic trio. The albums may have the same song titles, lyrics and chord progressions, but the similarities end there. The album has a laid back, late night, lazy feel – something to put your feet up to, when you’re not quite in the mood for the ball of frenetic energy that is Streetlight Manifesto.

Throughout the years you have asked us what the best way to support the band is – well now is the moment to show that you’ve understood our answer – and pre-order the new albums from The RISC Store. Beyond buying the new music and merch from the RISC Store you can always come out to a show and buy it from us directly. But we are proud to be in charge of our own webstore, where we print and stock our own merch. Literally all the money that comes through our webstore is put back into Streetlight, Pentimento and all associated projects; buying from other companies and retailers usually ends with said companies keeping all or nearly all of the money that should, in our opinion, go back into the process of making the music that we all love. In short: we ask that you deal directly with us.

We have posted many different bundles on the RISC Store where you can pick up both the new Streetlight Manifesto and Toh Kay CD’s as well as some exclusive new shirt designs, hoodie design, and (available only in the MEGA bundle) a limited screen printed poster signed by the artist – Tomas Kalnoky. And, to spice things up – one hundred people will be chosen from the pre-order customers to win a GOLDEN TICKET that will get them into any Streetlight Manifesto or Toh Kay show for FREE via the guest list – in addition those one hundred people will also receive a poster signed by the entirety of Streetlight Manifesto.

We know this is a lot to take in. So feel free to read and reread this aloud and with family and friends or a pet. Thank you for your patience and let us be the last to say – “Finally!”

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    Thanks to the (seemingly) ENTIRE POPULATION OF CANADA (and half of Alaska) for checking out our set at Amnesia RockFest this past weekend. Consider our once rampant enochlophobia CURED.

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    Hot off of the whatever-they-make-these-with! Pentimento Music Company has released 12” vinyl record versions of Streetlight’s first release, 2002’s fancily named “Demo”, as well as the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution 2002 release, “A Call To Arms”! Head over to to pick them up, either individually or as a discounted double pack!

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    So for this year’s touring shenanigans, we decided to take a new route: we’re announcing all of our headlining shows for the year (more or less) all at once, here and now. Ladies and gentlemen, we hereby announce THE YEAR WITH NO END TOUR 2016! We’ll be popping up here and there across the country and dabbling a bit into our country’s toque as well, primarily on weekends. OK, so it’s not really a “tour” tour so much as a number of weekends spread throughout the calendar year, but we’re trying here, so stop nit-picking, you scoundrel you.

    As we did last tour, we’ll be gathering ideas for which songs/versions of songs to play before now and the shows, to keep it fresh and interesting for both yourselves and ourselves. As always, eardrums will be dropkicked and shoes will be lost, lyrics will be forgotten, voices will be lost and post-show diner food shall be consumed. In short, life will be good.

    Art this time around has been provided by the incredible Dan Mora, and as usual we implore you to check out his stuff over at Tell him what you think of the art! We did! (spoiler: we love it)

    Tickets for all shows listed go on sale TOMORROOOOOOWWWWW!!! (March 2nd) Once again, most of these shows sold out last year, so they’ll likely do the same this year, so DON’T DILLY DALLY.

    See you at the shows!

    5/13 Detroit, MI
    5/14 Cleveland, OH
    5/15 Chicago, IL
    7/15 Denver, CO
    7/16 Las Vegas, NV
    7/17 Phoenix, AZ
    7/18 Los Angeles, CA
    7/19 San Diego, CA
    7/20 Santa Ana, CA
    7/21 San Francisco, CA
    7/22 Portland, OR
    7/23 Seattle, WA
    9/17 Boston, MA
    9/23 Toronto, ON
    9/24 Montreal, QC
    10/28 New York, NY
    10/29 Sayreville, NJ
    10/30 Washington DC
    11/11 Atlanta, GA
    11/12 Orlando, FL
    11/13 St. Petersburg, FL

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    Since Streetlight’s early days, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of our favorite artists on the planet for tour posters and merch. It’s been an honor to work with each and every one of them and we’re proud to show off the hard work of these ridiculously talented individuals. Whether it’s a song or a poster, what we all do is so closely related and complimentary that it’d be virtually impossible to see the whole picture if one was missing. We’d like to call attention to these artists via our social media outlets, and hopefully you’ll be kind enough to check the artists out at their own sites and accounts, to see what they’re up to and support what they do.

    First up is the super awesome artist we’ve worked with most recently for the October 2015 East Coast tour, Teagan White. Her Instagram is @teaganwh and her website is Tell her we said hi when you check out her increeeedible portfolio!

    If you’d like to purchase this art as a screen printed poster, please buy it directly from her site at

    When it sells out there, or if you want the t-shirt or pullover hoodie with this artwork, head over to our shop at

    Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting our brothers and sisters in the arts!

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    The view from Toh’s toe. Photo by @digitalkloc