Aug. 22 |  New Album / New Tour – “The Hands That Thieve”

You always get so much time to prepare big announcements – but it’s never enough.  But what we mean to say is…Streetlight Manifesto has a new album.

It is called “The Hands That Thieve”

It comes out November 6th.

Yes, this could all have been one sentence.  But here at Streetlight Manifesto we want our thoughts to be given room to breathe.  With the new album we will also be heading out on a tour of the same name this Fall.  The tour will start October 16th in Toronto and will go over the course of two months throughout the US.  Streetlight Manifesto will be joined by Lionize, Hostage Calm and The Chicharones at different points throughout the tour.  New songs will be played every night alongside the old classics and everything else in the between.

“The Hands That Thieve” tour will also take Streetlight Manifesto to South America for the WROS Festival and to Gainesville for a night at The Fest.
While the tour is already extensive there are still dates and cities being added, so if you don’t see your city listed it’s either being added or there’s a very good reason that you’re going to need to travel a bit.
While this is probably enough news for a while we are excited about some other news we have in store if you are the type to be patient enough to listen.

Keep your eyes and ears posted to for exclusive tracks, videos and news in the coming days and weeks.  We will also be featuring exclusive material on our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. So treat yourself to those internet places and we will see you soon.

Ta ta.

  • photo from Tumblr

    The face that has fueled a thousand nightmares and a million fantasies. MR MIKE BROOOOOOWN. Photo by @pierrebourgault

  • photo from Tumblr

    You guys usually only see seven doofuses making noises onstage, but there is always a group of hard working, dedicated crew members behind the scenes, making sure our toots and squeaks sound their best as they hit your eardrums. This one goes out to them, past, present and future! THANKS GUYS! Photo by @digitalkloc

  • photo from Tumblr

    Sometimes a BOTAR mini-set just doesn’t sound right without a string section. NO BIG DEAL. NYC 10/28/16. Photo by @firethecanon

  • photo from Tumblr

    MAN OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN. Hometown NJ shows are always either INCREDIBLE or HOLYSHITBALLSTHISISMINDBLOWING. Last night was definitely sitting happily in column B. Thanks guys, there haven’t been such big smiles on SM members faces in a while. THANK. YOU.

  • photo from Tumblr