Feb. 15 |  Album Release Date: April 30th


It happened. We were given a release date when a hand reached up from the depths of hell with a piece of paper, upon which was scribbled “APRIL 30th” Now upon reading that you must keep a few things in mind:


Even though the album is now set for release, through Victory Records, if you enjoy the music and the band the best way to support us is to purchase the album from The Risc Store  (www.riscstore.com) or from us directly at shows. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can insure the band actually makes money from our own music. The Risc Store works directly with Streetlight Manifesto to keep costs down and work with you to make sure you’re happy. The Risc Store also has exclusive designs for all Streetlight Manifesto and Toh Kay merchandise.


A lot of work has gone into creating this record and now a lot more work has gone into releasing it. For those of you who have already pre-ordered the record, thank you for your support and your patience. We are releasing another sample to further assure you that the album you’ve pre-ordered exists. We will be releasing more samples and announcements in the coming days and weeks. Keep your eyes and ears firmly pressed against your computer, phone, or both.


I wish I could convey how lucky we are to have such loyal and supportive fans in a way that felt genuine – but I can’t so how about this :::nods head – raises glass:::


– Streetlight Manifesto


Here is the newest audio sample:


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    If you’re reading this - you survived 2013.  To celebrate (and to clean out our inventory) we’re having a 40% off sale for the entire first week of 2014 - just use the discount code: NEWYEAR.  We’ve re-stocked a lot of designs in all sizes (and some more in XXL) and we’re letting you have it all for prices so low we’re certainly going to regret this.  We also have introduced the “Mystery Shirt” which is for the larger folks out there (XL/XXL) where you can get a random assortment of 3 shirts (some not even available on the store) for 12 dollars.  Yes - we’ve had a lot of sales recently - but this is by far the largest and longest.  This sale could beat up other sales.  But it wouldn’t because it’s nice.  So come enjoy our sale.  Or it’ll beat something up.  

    (Sale runs from Jan 1st through Jan 7th) 


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    Happy day-long-dinner-day to everyone and may it make your Friday the Blackest.  In honor of the dangerous hoards that decend upon stores nationwide tomorrow, we have done our duty to keep you safe and on the internet by making a Black Friday sale at the RISC Store.  For just 24 hours - all day tomorrow - use the discount code: BLACKFRIDAY2013 to receive %30 off everything in the store.  Stay indoors.  It’s safer there.


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    This is the last full week of The End of The Beginning Tour, folks.  Pittsburgh tonight, Buffalo tomorrow and then the final 3 shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey.  The Thursday show still has some tickets available if you are thinking about taking that last minute trip to watch a little bit of history and enjoy the merriment.  And to ease the pain of the tour train coming to a halt - Toh Kay will be playing two shows in December.  More specifically, December 8th in New York City and then the 12th in Los Angeles.  Tickets available on the Streetlight Manifesto web page.  Get your hankies ready, this is it.


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    With two weeks until “The End of The Beginning Tour” the Risc Store is having a pre-tour sale so that everyone looks extremely good in their new shirts and such before the band gets to their town. Until Friday at 11:59PM (Pacific Standard Time) everything on the store is %25 off - just use the discount code: PRETOUR. You all deserve this. Pat yourself on the back - go to the Risc Store and live a little.


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    Oh these new shirts?  Yeah - they’re all up at the RISC Store.  And that poster?  Yeah, it’s there as well.  I’ll just leave this here.