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Jan. 15 |  Album Announcement & Samples

Long time, eh?


So this is the time when we should be shipping out all the pre-orders for “The Hands That Thieve” and “The Hand That Thieves” but as most of you who have been posted next to your mailboxes have figured out – it hasn’t shipped yet.  “Streetlight, is there a silver lining amongst all this placating?” you ask – and the answer is – YES.

The album has been mastered and as proof – today we proudly provide you with the first of many samples of the new Streetlight Manifesto record.  Here are two, minute-long clips of two songs that you’ll hear on “The Hands That Thieve”.

The release date is currently up in the air, though.  When we hear from Victory Records about when they’ll be releasing the album, we will be right there to let you know.   We hope to know the release date within a week or so.

We understand patience has been worn thin but we stand by this record and the work that has gone into it with such unwavering aplomb that our excitement should match yours when you hear the samples.  But at the same time, we understand that you’ve all been very understanding with us and our delays, and deadlines that have come and gone, that we would like to compensate you accordingly.  With every single pre-order (from the RISC Store) of the new album of any size (from the CD by itself to the Mega Bundle) we will be including a free live EP CD that we recorded on the “Hands That Thieve Tour” last fall.  The free live EP will be an exclusive RISC Store gift and is the only professional live Streetlight Manifesto recording to date.
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